Your first session at our clinic will be an evaluation. At this visit you will need to present your insurance card, an I.D. card, and a prescription for physical therapy from the doctor that referred you to physical therapy.

The evaluation will consist of history of your present condition, a thorough past medical history, goal setting, and treatment.

Please wear loose clothing, such as gym clothes.



During these sessions we will implement the plan set during the evaluation. Treatments are to include manual therapy, modalities if needed, therapeutic exercise, and patient education on diagnosis and prognosis.

Treatments will incorporate some form of movement therefore please wear loose clothing.


FREE Assessment

This is a 15-20 minute mini evaluation where you have the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate any physical issues you are having in order for a Physical Therapist to determine if physical therapy is right for you. At the end of the session the Physical Therapist will let you know if the issue requires further medical attention or if a physical therapy program would be the best option.

If long-term plan of care is required, a referral from a doctor is required. However, if the plan is short-term or considered maintenance or preventative, then a medical referral is not needed for continuing physical therapy.

If you have a prescription for physical therapy and are not sure which clinic is right for you, you may also utilize this service in order to determine if feel WELL PT is what you're looking for.

At the assessment you will be asked to move so please wear loose clothing.