Lucie Mcgrane, D.P.T.

Lucie McGrane found her love of physical therapy 14 years ago in Los Angeles working at Marina Physical Therapy. In her beginning years she worked with a diverse community in Marina Del Rey as a mentee of clinic owner Eva Nemeth, and ultimately found a niche working with stunt artists and dancers. Prior to committing to a career in physical therapy, Lucie worked as a professional actor and dancer primarily in the Los Angeles region, thus giving her the experience to understand the demands of the performing artist. Nine years ago Lucie decided to expand into fitness initially through a yoga teachers' training program and then becoming a group fitness instructor for various gyms and studios in Los Angeles.

Lucie moved to NYC in 2017 to study with Dance Magazines Honoree Award recipient Marika Molnar, owner and founder of Westside Dance PT. At Westside Dance PT she expanded her knowledge and gained specialized experience working onsite with the New York City Ballet. Here she was able to make relationships with the performing arts community and currently provides onsite physical therapy for a variety of Broadway shows in NYC.

In early 2018 Lucie decided to open her practice in Brooklyn in order to provide specialized one-on-one physical therapy services. Lucie’s practice involves Pilates and yoga-based therapeutic exercise, soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic modalities in conjunction with yoga exercise classes in order to provide a well-rounded holistic approach for all types of fitness and physical levels.