We pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to our billing practices. We have simplified this process to ensure that our clients pay as little out-of-pocket as possible, and that they will not be surprised with any back-billing.



We are in network with Cigna and will accept workers comp claims.


If your health plan has out-of-network benefits then you could obtain reimbursement for physical therapy. Prior to your first visit we can verify your benefits and let you know how much money your insurance company will pay for physical therapy. We can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company or we can bill your insurance company for your reimbursement after each session. Sessions must be paid at time of service.

Insurance Billing Practices

Insurance companies decide on an allowable dollar amount they will pay for physical therapy. This dollar amount differs between each company and with each policy. Our billing department is expected to submit the proper documentation and scaling fee schedule to insurance companies for reimbursement and the insurance company will decide how much they are willing to reimburse up to their predetermined allowable dollar amount. The remainder of the visit is then expected to be the responsibility of the patient or the clinic. This process requires precise documentation and negotiating with your individual company. Therefore this billed amount will differ from our cash amount.

Out-of-pocket plans

Cash plans are the best way to have control of your healthcare without having to deal with verifications and insurance restrictions.

Single Treatment Rates

Initial Evaluation Session = $175

Physical Therapy Treatment Session = $120


5 Sessions (1 Initial Evaluation and 4 Physical Therapy Treatments) = $98/session (25% discount)

5 Sessions (5 Physical Therapy Treatments) = $90/session (25% discount)

10 Sessions (1 Initial Evaluation and 9 Physical Therapy Treatments) = $82/session (35% discount)  

10 Sessions (10 Physical Therapy Sessions) = $78/session (35% discount)


Cupping (1 session takes about 15-25 minutes)

1 session = $40

5 session package = $150 (25% discount)


Industry Discounts

Professional Artist Union Members (A.E.A., S.D.C., D.G.D., ...)

For purposes of non-worker's comp claims & non-injury

Wellness & Prevention Treatment = $55

Strength and Conditioning = $40