With a wide variety of healing and preventative services designed to suit your individual needs, our patients can’t help but to leave feel WELL feeling better. 

We offer individualized physical therapy sessions with one-on-one, experienced, hands-on treatment. We work with all types of patients and have extensive experience with high-functioning athletes and dancers.

Our physical therapy program is based on analyzing movement patterns and drawing on the principles of Pilates, yoga and dance.  


The feel WELL philosophy revolves around simplicity. As a purveyor of wellness, we’re committed to extending it to all aspects of our services. From simplified business practices to environmentally friendly initiatives, the feel WELL process was designed to be easy, efficient, and stress-free to ensure you feel at ease every step of the way. To align with our values, we're dedicated to transparency. As a result, our straight-forward pricing structure is a breath of fresh air.


Our studio is a 1500 sq. ft. loft space in Brooklyn's historic and trendy DUMBO neighborhood. The cozy exposed brick, uncluttered open floor plan, and abundant natural light from our floor-to-ceiling windows contribute to feel WELL's positive vibes and healing-focused energy. We go to great lengths to ensure your visit is peaceful and stress-free.

feel well physical therapy

53 Bridge Street, Suite 305
Brooklyn, NY, 11201